Friday, October 18, 2013

Escalation League

So it's been a few month's since I have posted on my blog, and 3 friends of mine are starting up an escalation league. We are starting with one HQ and 2 Troops at 500 pts. I am not really sure what to take for the 500 pts. I am doing Eldar. There are so many options. Well just a quick post with more to come.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Its been awhile and my blog has been neglected, but here is a new post with many more to come (hopefully).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Second Tournament with the Deathskulls

I played in the second tournament with the Deathskulls on November 20th at the CSP. Overall I did ok, but once again in game 3 I gave some points away needlessly, against a good player none the less. I am still in the testing phase of the Orksies but this is still no excuse for bad play. Anyhow on to the report.

Game One: I played a dude named Thomas. He was playing a low model Chaos army with the obligatory 2 obliterator units and plague marines. I was in HTH turn 2. Massacre 20-0 good guys (orks)

Game Two: I played Tim Boarder and he plays an especially lethal brand of Sisters and with 3 "Piano Tanks" and lots of mech. Further more he has become quite the good player, also he has a grudge against me still for all the previous beatings I have given him over the years so he takes great pleasure in crushing me any time he can.The game was really tight the first 3 turns, then on turn 4 Tim was the victim of a very bad dice roll to pin a unit of his in the middle of the board giving me a spring board for which to launch my assaults without taking many shots. Major Victory 17-3 good guys (orks)

So going into game 3 I am in second place by 2 points to Jason Garner and I have to play him and his dark eldar the 3rd and final round, which is fine with me because thats just how I like it. I like controlling my own destiny, I like being the one to win or lose it for me, well on this day I decided to lose it I guess. I got crushed, I was outplayed, out armyed, and generally sucked all around. Massacre 0-20 bad guys (dark eldar)

So I finished 3rd with 37 out of 60 points. Next time I need to add more shooting to the mix, and use the HTH as clean up.